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Dnd | Forte® PVD: high quality in coating technology

Dnd | Forte® PVD: high quality in coating technology

Henceforth, the brass of Dnd handles is Forte® (strong). Forte® because it is durable, in finishes and colours in tune with contemporary living. Forte® is the term chosen by Dnd to identify and emphasize the special finish for handles obtained through PVD coating technology.

An acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD is a technology for the finishing of high-quality products with excellent chemical and technical characteristics, including exceptional hardness, resistance to abrasion, scratching and corrosion. A perfectly sustainable and hypoallergenic process with low environmental impact. Among its excellent features: extreme surface hardness; non-toxic, anallergic, biocompatible; high resistance to corrosion, scratching and abrasion, also in marine zones; impregnable to solvents and cleaning products for domestic and industrial use; not altered by light.

Tones are very refined and suitable for the highest needs in interior achitecture projects. A special booklet is dedicated to the world of Forte® and it is readable to the follow link: discover the images, the style and the possibilities!

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