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Florim | “Sensi of Casa dolce casa” Designed by Matteo Thun

Florim | “Sensi of Casa dolce casa” Designed by Matteo Thun

The collaboration between Florim and the Matteo Thun & Partners architecture and design firm, two internationally renowned Italian companies, has produced a project that unites the harmony of nature with the power of innovation to furnish living spaces that communicate a sense of comfort and balance. “Sensi” expresses the perfect combination between the creative design of the Casa dolce casa – Casamood brand and the interdisciplinary approach of Matteo Thun’ design style.

Perfect synthesis of innovation and sustainability, "Sensi" was developed with close attention to environmental and energy impact, making it a virtuous example of circular economy. The collection is made of natural raw materials and with the 60% of recycled materials. "Sensi" is the result of up to 100% sustainable production process, both in terms of water consumption and self-generated electricity. The collection also features a decorative mosaic made from recycled glass made from disused TV and PC screens.

The charm of the patina of time, the strength of durability and the power of nature are the genes in the “Sensi” collection’s DNA, inviting you to discover the fusion of nature, creation and technique in ceramic material.

The collection’s neutral, soft and natural colours and very thin finish give interiors a characterful touch, while the pattern’s light effects define a decorative concept inspired by “non-colour” and the graininess of the earth. “Sensi” is solid, vigorous and concrete.

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