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Margraf | Marble adds a spellbinding touch to historic residential buildings in Milan

Margraf | Marble adds a spellbinding touch to historic residential buildings in Milan

Margraf marble plays a starring role in the Habitaria Corso Garibaldi 95 redevelopment project in the heart of Milan. Arassociati is the firm behind the renovation scheme involving two historic buildings in an old ecclesiastical complex dating back to the 17th century.

The first courtyard is paved with Margraf Lipica Fiorito marble with a bush-hammered non-slip finish. A Milanese “creative restoration” approach has been taken here, giving equal importance to the old colonnade and courtyard with loggias on one hand and the renovated attics on the other. The ideal balance has been found between living standards and contemporary needs.

The presence of the new building inside the city block is anticipated and gradually revealed by the courtyards, which are embellished with Margraf marble and natural stone. It touches the adjoining buildings but is completely open on three sides and boasts a linear array of balconies adorned with greenery, almost like hanging gardens.

The architecture of the new tower is distinctly contemporary. Linear metal flower boxes top unbroken rows of balconies with large windows behind them. Like the old buildings, it is covered from top to bottom with Margraf Veselye honed marble resin.

This new residential development in the heart of Milan fuses tradition and innovation. It is steeped in contemporary appeal thanks to the ergonomic spaces, volumes and light, as well as functional and technological features, and natural materials such as the Margraf marble adorning the historic façade on Corso Garibaldi, the courtyards, the stairs and all of the outdoor paving.

Corso Garibaldi 95

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