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Vitrik | Smart Glass in the bathroom as a new trend in Hotel Design

Vitrik | Smart Glass in the bathroom as a new trend in Hotel Design

In addition to brands trying to keep up with the competition by introducing new in-room gadgets and luxury spas, hotel design has evolved to meet the demands of a new range of guests.

Designers and architects look to the hotel bathroom as a new frontier of the room, transforming what has long been a mostly functional space. The hotel enriches its image with an element of technological innovation that becomes a lucid and unexpected experience for guests, helping to make their stay pleasant and memorable.

VITRIK created the smart glass entrance wall to the bathroom area of the Vista Suite of "The First Dolce Boutique Hotel", a bright suite that opens up to the iconic views of the lively street life on Via del Corso in Rome. The luxurious bathroom is clad in fine Italian Saint Laurent marble with walk-in rain shower, Turkish bath and whirlpool tub.

Access to the bathroom consists of a functional and impact wall with a swing door designed to divide the spa from the room, allowing you to dynamically manage privacy without sacrificing natural light.

VK DESIGN technology is not afraid of water or humidity, finding its ideal application in showers, wellness centers and spas in maximum safety. The ease of cleaning and the absence of maintenance complete the extraordinary characteristics of the product.

Via del Corso

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